Process Step Details - Converting to PDF and Send for Signature

This article gives details and examples of the functions that are available in steps used to convert a Word or Spreadsheet document to PDF, and when sending PDF files for Signature via a signing service.

Convert to PDF

As well as the Create PDF step, you can also use the Convert to PDF step to convert a document to PDF as part of a Process. This is useful if you want to email the document as a PDF attachment.

In the Convert to PDF step, in the Action section, the Document field indicates which document to convert.

To select the document that has been retrieved by the Document view in the filter, select "Trigger Document".


If the Process includes any steps that create documents, you can select one of these documents as the document to convert.

In the Document field in the Convert to PDF step, you can select one of the documents that have been set up to be created in the Process. This only includes the documents created in steps that are before the Convert to PDF step in the Process and the number of the step in the process is included for clarity.

In the following example, the Process has steps that create a Document and create a Spreadsheet. Select the document you want to convert to PDF.


When the Process is run, the PDF is added as a new document. The filing details for the converted PDF are set as default as the same filing details as the Word or Spreadsheet document that it is a copy of.

The document will show as being created, saved and modified by the user who ran the automation process.

Send for Signature

Before you can begin using the Send for Signature step you should be aware of the following:

  • You will need to have already connected a signing service to FYI - refer to Sending Documents for Signature for options.
  • Any view can be used for the process filter, but a document must be selected in the Send for Signature process step.

In the Send for Signature step, the Document field is used to select one or more documents to be sent for signing.

Note: myprosperity only allows for one document to be sent at a time.


When selecting a Document to send for signing, you can select from:

  • The Trigger Document - a document retrieved by the view in the filter.
  • PDF documents created by Create PDF or Convert to PDF steps earlier in the automation process.


The Service field will display the connected signature services. If there are no displayed options, you will need to activate a service - refer to Digital Signing Apps (myprosperity also offers a signing service).

Depending on the service selected, you may see a variety of fields appear, covered further below. 

Service Status controls whether the document is sent immediately or as a draft.

Send allows you to completely automate the signature request, and is sent to the service immediately.

Draft allows you to create a draft request within the service. You will then need to go into the service to complete the request and send it. This may be useful if you want to change the email before it's sent, or need to send the request to more than one person to sign.

The Template drop-down will display a list of email templates used to populate the email message when the document is sent for signature. 

The Subject is used to create the name of the document, and set by default to the file name sent for signature by using the Merge Field {{ OriginalFileName }}. 

When sending multiple documents the Subject will be set to the name of the first document selected. In these cases, it's recommended to change the Subject to be unique to indicate there are multiple documents to be signed e.g. 2023 Document Pack. 

The Owner field can be used to select the owner of the document. This can be set to:

  • a specific person in your user list.
  • "Manager" to set the Owner as the relative Client or Job's manager.
  • "Partner" to set the Owner as the relative Client or Job's partner.
  • a Custom User Role - the user selected in that Custom Field for the Client or Job (refer to Custom User Roles).

The Workflow status is used to track the progress of the document through the FYI workflow. By default, the Workflow status is set to "Pending Client Signature". The options available in the Workflow status drop-down will depend on the Approval Level assigned to the user in their User Profile. For example, a User with an Approval Level of None will not be able to view or select "Pending Client Signature". Refer to Workflow Basics and Managing Users
Note: If the workflow status is blank, the Send for Signature step will not be completed when running the Automation process.

The Include reference option must be set to "On". Every document in FYI has a unique reference number and this is automatically included in the file name of the document that is uploaded. FYI will use this reference number in the filename when bringing the signed document back into FYI.

Click Save once you have selected your options.

Once the process has run and a document has been sent for signature, the actions taken depend on your chosen signature service. Refer to your selected signing service in the section Sending Documents for Signature for more information.

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