November 2022 Release Notes




  • Practices can now Exclude Email Stationery Images in their Email AutoFile settings. When turned "On", attachments with a file format of jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, SVG or bmp and are less than 40 Kb are excluded from being autofiled. Where these files types are equal to or greater than 40Kb, they will be autofiled. Refer to Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.


  • When selecting the Full Screen tool at the top of the Preview pane for all document types, the drawer remains open to provide context for the document or client interaction you are reviewing. Refer to Previewing an Email and Previewing a Document.

  • In Jobs lists, when saving a View, the "Save Advance Search" option has been removed. Saving a Jobs View automatically saves the setting for Hide/Unhide the inactive jobs and the widths of the Columns is retained in the saved Jobs view. Filters that have been applied to any columns is also saved. If any Search text has been entered in the Jobs List this is not retained. Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

  • When creating a Task, or when displaying the Task Drawer:
    • The Task Details now displays in the Editor pane. Refer to Using the Task Drawer.
    • The Full Screen tool for the Task Details is now included at the top of the Editor pane.
    • When Previewing a Document or an Email, or when the Editor pane is displayed for a draft Email, when the Add Task button is clicked this now hides the Preview or Editor pane.

  • When merging documents from one or more clients from the Clients List, all archived clients are marked with an "Archived" tag to differentiate between active and archived clients. Refer to Merge Clients.

  • When creating or editing Tags in Practice Settings, a character counter displays to indicate the length of Tag. Refer to Managing Tags.

  • In the Automation Process Alter Document step, the step can now also be used to alter the filing details of a meeting note, phone call record or file note that has been created in that Process. The Alter Document step can also be used to add a Task or Comments to the record created in the Process. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

  • The Xero Tax Return Automation Process for New Zealand practices now correctly displays the return type in the web link name when displayed in the Client - Tax tab and in the Documents list. Refer to Displaying the Auto-Filed Tax Returns.


  • In Jobs list, the Last Comment column is now available and, when added to the list, the most recent comment displays. When exporting a Job list to CSV or Excel, the Job State is included in the exported file.
  • Digital signing services:
    • When using FuseSign for digital signing, additional documents can be added directly from within FuseSign. The documents that come back into FYI are the original documents that were sent from FYI.  
    • When signed documents are returned from FuseSign and Annature, the full document name is returned, including characters following a full stop.
    • Where the subject line was changed for a pack of documents sent via Annature, the document pack is returned to FYI with the same subject line.
  • When switching between Email Templates with the Email Editor open in the Knowledge Workspace, the email content refreshes when selecting the next template.
  • When documents are uploaded into FYI using drag and drop from SharePoint and the file exceeds the maximum length of characters, a warning is displayed to rename the file or use My Imports to import the documents.
  • Document activity now displays the user that created the initial category in the the Activity section of the Document Drawer.
  • In Email AutoFile settings, where a practice has Exclude Internal Emails set as "Off", the To and From fields in the People section of the Drawer populate with internal email addresses.
  • In the Practice Settings - Documents - Views, when deleting a Task or Practice Activity View, a message displays if the view is used in an Automation Process and this includes a link to the Process.



  • When sorting on Job State in Jobs Lists, the sort order is based on the sequence in which the Job States show in Practice Settings. Refer to Managing Job States.

  • When submitting Time entries, if an entry fails when synced to Xero Practice Manager, it is automatically reset as "Draft" in FYI. This could occur if the Job was set to "Completed" or "Cancelled" after adding the Time entry. The Time entry can then be changed in Home - My Time and submitted again. Refer to Submitted Time Entries that cannot be Updated in Xero Practice Manager in Displaying and Updating Time.

  • When starting a Trial in FYI, by default the Email AutoFile setting for the practice is set to "In Tray Review" and the AutoFile Mode for all users is set to "Disabled". This allows individual users to enable AutoFile from their own settings. Refer to
    Default Automations


  • In Jobs Lists, you can filter on blanks within the Client Group, and export the list of results to Excel.
  • In Home - In Tray, when filing documents using Bulk Update, users can file documents to a Knowledge Cabinet.
  • When documents are signed using FuseSign, the word "Signed" is added to the end of the document name.
  • When a client adds files to a Sub Folder within the Upload Folder, they are included in the sync from OneDrive to FYI.
  • When filing a Task to a Job, you can use the Job field to search for relevant Jobs by Client Name. Typing at least three characters of the Client Name in the Job field displays all jobs containing those characters.
  • For practices that were part of the Beta release for New Lists, the option to enable or disable New Lists is no longer available in the Settings - My Settings - Profile tab.
  • For a new Client that has been added in your practice management software, after syncing to FYI this is now included in the Client selector when clicking Refresh. Refer to Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.
  • Filters are retained when changing between the Jobs List and the Jobs Board. 
  • When searching in the Jobs Board view (with the Search jobs field) this also searches for that text in the Client Name as well as in the Job Name.
  • When a Custom Date Field is used as a Merge Field in Word, the format is consistent with the Created Date, for example, 12 Nov 2022.
  • When grouping rows in Jobs Lists, you can drag the Client Group to Row Groups and display the results grouped by Client Group. In addition, when dragging the header of a relevant column to Row Groups to group rows, the column now displays as full width to view the the detail of the grouped column.
  • When exporting a Jobs List to an Excel Report, the capitalisation is retained as displayed in the original list.



  • Enhancements have been made to the list of Views that display in the Quick Access drop-down from the Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation menu options:
  • When there are more than 10 Views in a list, the list of Views in the View selector displays with a scroll bar. This ensures that the last used items for that list (Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks or Automations) are always accessible. Refer to Searching in Lists.

  • In the View selector in a list, and in the list of Views in the Quick Access drop-down, a link to a view can be copied to the user's clipboard.
    Hovering the mouse next to a View name displays the Copy View Link icon which a user can click to copy a link to that view. Refer to Copying a Link to a View.

  • In the Automation Process Alter Document step, as well as making changes to a document that has been retrieved by the Document View in the filter for the Process, the Alter Document step can now also be used to alter the filing details of a document that has been created in that Process. The Alter Document step can also be used to add a Task or Comments to a document created in the Process. Refer to Process Step Details - Alter Document.

  • When editing a Word document a user can add their digital signature. The image with the signature is held in each user's My Settings and this is added by clicking Insert Signature in the Signature section of the FYI drawer.

    If a Signature Bookmark has been included in the Word Template or in the Word Stationery, the digital signature image it is positioned automatically in the document. If the Signature Bookmark has not been included, a user can still add their digital signature image by first positioning the cursor in the document where you want the signature to display.

    Refer to
    Inserting your Signature into a Document
    Approval Signature - Adding your Electronic Signature in Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings
    Adding a Signature Bookmark to a Word Template
    in Creating Templates for Word, Spreadsheet or Presentation
    Adding a Signature Bookmark to Word Stationery in Creating Stationery for Word.

  • In the Jobs Lists, the size of the images that displays the Status has been increased. Refer to Using the Jobs Lists.

  • Emails can now be added to a Knowledge cabinet using Drag and Drop. Refer to Internal Documents in the Knowledge Cabinets and Drag and Drop.

  • Jobs list views that were saved with multiple Jobs selected (prior to the New Lists for Jobs list being released) can now be saved. Columns can be added, removed or re-sized and Filters can be changed. As long as more than one Job was originally selected in the multiple Jobs selector, Jobs can be added or removed from the Name (Legacy) column. 


  • The Practice Settings - Admin - Users list now includes the Search Users option.
  • When a Jobs list view that has been saved with a filter in the Name column with "Contains" is used in an Automation Process, this is now retrieving only the Jobs that have that text in the Job Name and not including additional Jobs.
  • Displaying the FYI Add-in from a Word, Excel or Presentation document that has been file opened from FYI now correctly shows that the file is filed.
  • In the Knowledge - Template list, an FYI Admin can now see the Draft templates.
  • When documents have been imported using the FYI - My Imports, the message that displays now remains open for 5 seconds.
  • In Jobs lists, when a filter has been applied to the Name column and the View is saved, the filter is now retained in the saved View.
  • A Task view that is selected as the Filter in an Automation Process can no longer be removed while it is still associated with the Process.
  • In the Jobs Bulk Update, when a date has been selected, this can now be removed by clicking the X.



  • Jobs lists now display with the New Lists layout. This gives new and enhanced functionality. This includes the Jobs lists that display in the Client and Job workspace and in the Home tabs.

    • The Filter Drawer on the left-hand side is replaced by the Columns and Tabs.

    • To display the Jobs for specific Partners or Managers, you can apply Filters instead of selecting Partner and Manager at the top of the list.

    • The Sync function in Jobs lists that was previously displayed as a button in the list is now accessed from the View Tools button on the right-hand side of the list.

      For information on how the Jobs Lists are used, refer to the articles in the section Using the Jobs Lists with New Lists
    •  In Jobs lists, the columns for Partner and Manager assigned to the Job have been renamed to Job Partner and Job Manager and the Jobs lists include two additional columns, Client Partner and Client Manager. Client Partner and Client Manager display the Partner and Manager that are assigned to the Client.
      Refer to Job Partner/Manager and Client Partner/Manager in Jobs Lists in Using the Jobs Lists with New Lists.

    • For practices that have been notified that they have some Jobs list Views that were saved in the legacy view with Multiple Jobs selected, these Views will still function correctly with New Lists. The selected Jobs display in an additional column Name (Legacy).

  • From a Jobs list, you can export the list as an Excel spreadsheet with the Excel Report from the View Tools on the right-hand side of the list. This creates a Spreadsheet document in FYI from which the exported list can be opened. When opening the .xlsx file in Excel it is fully formatted. Refer to Exporting a Jobs List as an Excel Spreadsheet - Excel Report in Exporting Lists.


  • The Users List, in the Practice Settings, now displays the user's AutoFile Mode. You can sort and filter this column. Refer to Managing Users.

    Users can set the AutoFile Mode in their My Settings (refer to AutoFile Mode in Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings) and an FYI Admin can set this for users with the Users Bulk Update function from the Users list.

  • When using the FYI - My Imports:
    • If any files cannot be imported (because the file(s) are open or have been moved, a message displays that shows the number of files with errors and a list of the files that are locked open or that have been moved.
    • When the FYI - My Imports process is running, the FYI - My Imports button is now disabled until the process has finished.
    • Refer to Using OneDrive FYI - My Imports to Automatically Import to your In Tray.

  • When Sample Content is disabled from Practice Settings, this hides the Sample Clients and the Sample Cabinet and for the Sample Clients this now also stop any Sample Automation Processes, delete the Tasks, Cancels the Jobs and delete the Documents. Refer to Managing Sample Content.

  • In the Job - Summary tab when editing a Job, to change the Start Date or Due Date you can now type over the date as well as using the pop-up calendar. Refer to Editing a Job in Job Summary.

  • As part of the FYI sync from MYOB AE, a Clients Custom Field of "Department" is created by the FYI Sync and this Custom Field is populated with the Client's ‘Client Dept'. Refer to Synchronising Clients and Users with MYOB AE.

  • When selecting 50 (or fewer) documents in the Clients - Documents list, providing that none of the selected documents are Draft Emails, Web Links, File Notes, Meetings or Phone Calls, the Export button is now correctly available.
    If more than 50 documents are selected (or Select All), the Export button is greyed out and the tool tip displays a message to use Bulk Export. Refer to Exporting Documents and Bulk Export.


  • When creating a document in FYI using a template, if there are any Merge Fields that are not recognised (as opposed to being blank where no value is populated for the Merge Field) the Merge Field is no longer removed.
  • A sort can now be applied to the Client Group in Documents lists and in Clients lists.
  • For sites integrated with GreatSoft, corrections to when the Job States were being changed in FYI (refer to Jobs States in Synchronising Clients, Users, Jobs and Tax Returns with GreatSoft).
  • When using Upload with multiple documents which have new values for Tags, these are now uploading successfully.
  • In Documents lists when hovering over Source, this now displays the complete Source path.
  • In the Jobs Board:
    • Budget amounts are now shown with the currency symbol that is relevant for the location of a practice.
    • The View selector is now showing at all times.


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