"Incorrect account type for OneDrive detected (personal)" displayed when viewing Status in FYI


When I display my Status page (refer to Status in Individual Settings and Status) next to the OneDrive State this displays the following message.

  • Incorrect account type for OneDrive detected (personal)

This error can impact the user's ability to use various FYI functionality, for example, filing emails from Outlook.


This could have been caused if you have changed your OneDrive to a Business status instead of Personal and you need to force a complete reload of your credentials.


Clearing the local storage and cache in your browser.

  1. Open www.office.com and close all open tabs in your browser.

    Clear the local storage as follows:

  2. Press F12 to open the Developer tools.
  3. Display Applications (you may need to select this by clicking >>)
  4. Click Storage.
  5. Click Clear site data.

    Clear the Browser Cache as follows:

  6. In the browser, press CTRL+Shift+Delete
    Click Customize and control Google Chrome (the vertical ellipsis tool in the top right-hand corner) then select More Tools - Clear browsing data.
  7. In the Time range drop-down, select All time.
  8. Checkmark Cookies and other site data.
  9. Checkmark Cached images and files.
  10. Click Clear data.
  11. Close the browser.

Check your OneDrive Status in FYI

  1. Open office.com and log in using your work account
  2. Log in to FYI using your work account
  3. In FYI, display your My Settings.
  4. Display the Status page
  5. Click the OneDrive Status has been updated and displays "Business".
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