Updating Custom Fields

The following is an example of a Custom Process used to update Custom Fields in Jobs in a selected Jobs View. This uses the Update Job step.

The same method can be used to set up a Custom Process to update the Custom Fields for a Client by selecting a Client View in the Process Filter and using the Update Client Step.

Create a View or Determine the View to use

Determine the Jobs list View that selects the Jobs you want to update, or create a new View. Review the View to check this includes the Jobs you want to change the Custom Fields for.

Add the Custom Process

  1. In Automation - Processes, click Add Custom Process.
  2. Add the Name of the Process, in this example this is "Update Type of Service to Compliance".
  3. In this example, set the Filter to filter Jobs on the saved Job View "Compliance Individual Jobs".
  4. If required, add any additional description of the Process in the Description.
  5. The Custom Process has the Trigger set to "Manual".


Add the Step to Update Job

  1. Click Add Step and select Update Job.
  2. In Set Custom Field, select the Custom Field you want to update. In this example this is "Type of Service". This adds Type of Service as a field to the Update Job step.
  3. Select the option you want the Process to set. In this example this is "Compliance".

  4. If you want to update any additional Custom Fields, select them in the same way.
  5. Click Save.

Testing a Manual Custom Process

When setting up a Custom Process, it is very important to test it to ensure it is working as expected.

  1. Click Test.
  2. The Select Test pop-up displays a list of the Jobs based on the Filter that has been set up in the Process.
  3. From the Select Test, search and select a specific Job to run the test for.
  4. Click Run Test.
  5. Navigate to the Job - Custom Field tab for the relevant Job to check that the Custom Field has been updated.

Refer also to Testing Custom Processes.

Set the Status of the Process to "Active"

When you are ready, set the Status of the process to "Active".

Running the Process

To run your custom process, it is run from Automations - Processes by an FYI Admin, or a user in a User Group that has Permissions enabled for Automations.

  1. Edit the Process from the Automations - Processes tab.
  2. Click Run.


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