List Icons

Lists use icons to provide additional information about documents, emails and tasks.

Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon displays a description and additional information, such as:

  • The number of Tasks pending
  • The user who is editing the document
  • The number of emails in the thread.




The Locked icon (with the padlock) displays next to the document name if a document is being edited by another user, or if the workflow Status is set to a level to which you do not have access. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents and Workflow Basics.


When hovering over an email, document, task or job in a list, a vertical ellipsis icon displays next to the name. You can click this to access the tools from the pop-up menu in the same way as right-clicking over the item. Refer to Using the Document Action Tool Bar.




Draft. Displays when the Delivery Status is "Draft" in FYI (for a Word document or email).

Note: when a filed email is marked as a Draft in FYI, it can be opened and edited in the Preview pane by any user, not only the original author.

Refer to Sending Immediately or Saving a Draft.

You can also mark the document as "Sent" (using the Share or Delivery - Mark Sent function), this changes the status to "Sent".

Refer to Mail Register - Updating the Document Delivery Status as Sent or Received.

Note: Emails saved via "Draft in Outlook" will be marked as "Sent" in FYI, and should be managed in Outlook from that point on.


Tasks Pending 
Hover the mouse over the Task icon to see the number of tasks that are pending. Refer to Displaying Tasks from an Email or Document.


Document being edited 
Hover the mouse over the Document being edited icon to see the name of the person who has the document open. This person must finish editing the document before any other user can open it. Refer to Opening, Editing and Finish Editing Documents.


Document in Co-edit

The document is being Co-edited. Refer to Co-editing an Internal Document.


Document in Co-edit with Client

The document is in Co-edit with Client. Refer to Co-editing an External Document (Co-edit with Client).


The Thread icon displays when there are threads in an email or document trail. You can see the emails or document in the thread from the Threads section in the drawer. Refer also to Managing Email Threads.

Click the Thread icon to display the Thread list filtered to display only the documents in the thread.


Email has Attachments
Where an email has attachments, the paperclip icon displays next to the email in lists. Refer to Filing Email Attachments, Adding Attachments to an Email in FYI and Creating an Email by Selecting Attachments in FYI.


Document has a Comment
This displays when a Comment has been added to a document. Refer to Adding Comments and Notifying Team Members.


Document has been Stapled
This displays when the document has been stapled to more or more other documents using the Staple button. Refer to Stapled Documents.

Click the Stapled icon to display the Stapled list filtered to display only the documents that are stapled.


Task has been created from an Automation Process

This displays for a Task when it has been created from an Automation Process.

Click the View Process Checklist icon to display the Client - Process History Checklist for the relevant process. The Task can be displayed or Completed from the Process History Checklist.


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