September 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we’ve been busy working on the development of New Lists to FYI - a very exciting update to our platform! So far, we have released New Lists to the following workspaces; Clients, Documents, Knowledge, Practice and all Admin functions.

Refer to New Lists and What It Means for Your Practice

Here's a snapshot of some of the exciting features New Lists offers. You can expect New Lists to roll out to Tasks and Jobs workspaces throughout October, along with further enhancements to existing workspaces, to continue to improve the user experience.

The List Icon


The List icon displays options to Filter on Lists, Autosize Columns, and to Add/Remove Columns included in the list.

Filter on Lists

  • 'Select All' filter options and then deselect some makes filtering a breeze.
  • Filter on blanks to quickly identify any gaps.
  • Filter on a Fixed or Relative date range.


Autosize columns

  • Autosize will automatically resize the columns in your lists. You can now also manually resize column widths making it easier to see all content across columns. These widths can also be saved in each view for quick access. 
  • Columns can be pinned to the left or right, so they remain fixed while scrolling across columns, giving you the freeze pane effect.
  • Scroll continuously and seamlessly across lists with no need to click to the next page. The lists will continue to load as you scroll at an appropriate speed.  


Adding and Removing Columns


  • The included Columns display with a green tick and any Columns that can be included display underneath.
  • Use the Search field to quickly locate a column to add or remove from your list.

Note! You can also use the Columns and Filters Tabs on the left-hand side of any list to Filter on Lists and Add/Remove Columns.


Selecting Multiple Rows in a List

You can also click the checkbox in the column heading to select multiple Documents or Clients in the list. This function is useful if you have filtered the list to show only the required rows or to use Bulk Update.


Using the Search field

You can use the Search field at the top of the lists to search for specific clients or documents.


Sorting columns

You can sort and filter the information lists, by clicking on the column name. The up or down arrow displays if a sort has been applied.


Here are additional enhancements now available in FYI:

If the Client you are looking for in the Client selector field in the drawer is not found, you can now click the Refresh icon to refresh the Client List when creating or editing an Email, Document or Task.
Refer to
Refreshing the Clients from the Client Selector in Selecting a Client in the Filing Details and Refreshing the Clients.

FYI Admin’s can now Archive a View from Practice Settings - Documents - Views. This will remove the View for all users, however if it has been selected as a Filter in an Automation, it will still work as the Filter for the Process.
Refer to Managing Views.

Enhancements to Email AutoFile

  • Users now have the option to set their AutoFile Mode as AutoFile else in tray in My Settings.
    Refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your Own Login - My Settings.
    This is only applicable if Email AutoFile is set "On" in your practice's Email AutoFile settings.
  • In Practice Settings - Admin - Users, an FYI Admin can now set the AutoFile Mode of the selected users. Refer to Managing Users.
  • A new option for AutoFile Else In Tray is now available in the Email AutoFile Settings to allow Emails only (In Tray for attachments). This means that emails are auto-filed as long as the AutoFile conditions are met, however attachments are always sent to the user's In Tray.
    Refer to
    Email AutoFile Settings, Exclusions and Practice Filing Defaults.
    Note: When the AutoFile setting for your practice is AutoFile Else In Tray - Emails Only (In Tray for Attachments) the users own settings must be selected as "Practice Default" (refer to Setting Defaults and Filing Defaults for your own Login - My Settings). An FYI Admin can use the Bulk Update for Users to set this if needed (refer to Changing Filing Defaults and Settings with Bulk Edit in Managing Users).
  • In the Clients - Contacts tab, you can set which Contacts for the Client you want to Include for Autofile. Only those Client Contacts with Include in AutoFile enabled will be considered during automatic filing of emails.
    Refer to
    Client Contacts.

Enhancements to Home - In Tray

The Source column is now available to give more context to where the file originated from. In addition, the Job column is now available in the In Tray and FYI Admins can also set Categories as Available in In Tray.
Refer to Managing Categories.

This automatically includes the Category as an additional column in the In Tray for all users.
Refer to
Managing your In Tray.

Enhancements to Automation Processes for Jobs

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to September 2022 Release Notes.

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