Using the Tasks Board

Tasks can be displayed as a Tasks Board. This is a 'kanban' style board as an alternate interface to the Tasks List for easy maintenance and visibility of where the bottlenecks are across your practice.

Displaying the Tasks Board

The Tasks Board is displayed from the Tasks List, from Client - Tasks, Job - Tasks and from your Home - Tasks or Home - Delegated Tasks by clicking the Board button in the top right-hand corner.


Note: The Tasks Board is only available for practices on the Pro plan. Refer to Subscribing to an FYI Plan.

Tasks display by the four Task Statuses (Not Started, In Progress, Completed and Rejected).

This shows a total count of all Tasks for each Status, and a summary of each Task. Where the Task is assigned to a client that is part of a group, the Group Name displays for the Task.

The following example is with the All Tasks View selected.

2490_Tasks_Board_All_Tasks.gifIf the currently selected View has a filter applied that excludes any of the Task Statuses, the Statuses are still included in the Tasks Board but will not include any Tasks.
For example, when displaying the Tasks Board with the default View Incomplete Tasks, this displays only Tasks that are "Incomplete" and "In Progress" and the columns for "Completed" and "Rejected" are always blank for the Incomplete Tasks View.


Due date displays as follows:

  • Shaded green if the Task is not due in the next 5 days.
  • Shaded orange if the Task  is due within the next 5 days.
  • Shaded red if the Task is due today or the Due Date has passed.

The initials of the Assigned User to the Task displays.

The Comments icon displays where a comment has been added to the Task and, when clicked, the Comments tab and Task drawer display ready for use. 

Displaying Information in the Tasks Board

  • Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to scroll left and right.
  • Use the scroll bar within each Task Status to scroll that Task Status up and down.
  • Where there are more than 50 Tasks for any Status, the Load More link displays at the bottom of that Status so you can display the next 50 Tasks.
  • When navigating between the Task features in Tasks, Client - Tasks, Job - Tasks, Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks, and when you logout, your choice of the Board or List view is automatically retained.
  • Where selections have been made on the Tasks Board such as the View or a Search, these are carried over to the Tasks List if this is displayed.
  • All Tasks Statuses are included in the Tasks Board.

Updating the Task Status using Drag and Drop in the Tasks Board

You can change the Status by dragging a Task from one Status to another directly on the Tasks Board.2492_Tasks_Board_Drag_and_Drop_Task.gif

Using the Views and Filters

A selection of views that are available for the Tasks List can also be displayed from the View selector. The standard views are and "Incomplete Tasks", "All Tasks" (which includes Tasks with the Status set as "Completed" and "Rejected") and "Overdue Tasks" (where the Due Date has passed).

An FYI Admin can set up Tasks Views for your practice (such as Tasks filtered by one or more Task Statuses). Refer to Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

On the Tasks List, you can filter the Tasks on various columns. These filters are retained when you display the Tasks Board. If you have used a filter or set up a filtered view that excludes Task Statuses, the Statuses are still included in the Tasks Board but will not include any Tasks.

Opening the Task Drawer from the Tasks Board

Click the name of the Task in the Tasks Board to open the drawer for that Task.

Opening the Client, Client Group or Task from the Tasks Board

  • Click the Client name in the Tasks Board to display the Client workspace for that Client.
  • Click the Client Group name in the Tasks Board to display the workspace for that Client Group.
  • Click the Task name in the Tasks Board to open the drawer for that Task.
  • Open the drawer for the Task drawer and, if relevant, click the Open icon in the next to Client or Job to display the Client or Job workspace for that Task.
  • Where a Task has been attached to a Client, in the Update Task drawer, you can display the Client, by clicking the Open Client icon.



Refreshing the Tasks Board

To refresh the Tasks to display any latest changes click the Refresh button.


Re-displaying the Tasks List

To re-display the Tasks as a list, click the List button.


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