August 2022: What's New and Improved



This month we were excited to release our integration with Microsoft Teams, as an alternative method to email when notifications are sent by FYI.

Refer to Integration with Microsoft Teams.

Here are additional enhancements now available in FYI:

Enhancements to Views

You can use the Search at the top of the View selector to quickly locate a View. This is handy if you have a long list of views. Simply click the X in the Search to clear the search text.

Refer to Searching in Lists.


Enhancements to Automation Process step ‘Execute Process’

  • The Apply New Process Filter option has been renamed to Apply Additional Process Filter. This feature can be used to split automation processes, where you have 'master' Processes that trigger subsequent processes based on certain conditions.

    When Apply Additional Process Filter is set to "No", the filter from the initiating Process is also used as the filter for the Execute Process.

  • The option for Block Initiating Process is now available and when enabled, this blocks the initiating automation process from completion until the Process in the Execute Process step has successfully completed.

Refer to Execute Process in Process Step Details - Other Functions.


Enhancements to Jobs

  • The Add Job button has been removed from the Jobs list and the Jobs Board. To create a Job in FYI, click the + button and select Job or press the shortcut key J. Creating a Job from within FYI is available for users with relevant permissions.
    Refer to Create Job in FYI.
  • Jobs now use the term "inactive jobs" in place of "closed Jobs" throughout FYI. Refer to Managing Job States.
  • Enhancement to the selection of XPM Task when creating and editing Time entries. 
  • If your practice has Workflow Jobs enabled, when creating or editing a Time entry for a Billing Job, if there is only one Workflow Job, this is automatically selected as the XPM Task for the Time entry.
  • If your practice does not have Workflow Jobs enabled, when creating or editing a Time entry for a Job if there is only one XPM Task for the Job this is automatically selected for the Time entry.

Refer to Adding Time, Displaying and Updating Time and Adding Bulk Time Entries.



Learning Resources for Workflow

There are new Learning Resources available, specifically around using Workflow for emails and documents:

  • Setting up Workflow Guide for FYI Admins – with best practice instructions on how to set up and utilise Workflow for your practice.
    Refer to Setting up Workflow Guide
  • A new course in Learn, ‘Accelerating your Workflow’ - for all users to learn how to utilise Workflow to speed up the review and approval of emails and documents across your practice. This course is available in the section ‘Learn how to use FYI like a pro’.
    Refer to Learn.

Enhancements to Practice Styling

FYI Admins can set the Default Font and Default Font Size for your practice. The selected Font and Font Size are used to set the font in the following:

  • For emails created in FYI, for any text that is entered in addition to the text brought in from a Signature and Email Template.
  • As the default font for text when creating a Phone Call, File Note or Meeting.
  • In Knowledge – Templates.

Refer to Default Styles - Default Font and Default Font Size in Managing Practice Settings.

For further details on the features mentioned above and more, refer to August 2022 Release Notes.

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