October 2022 Release Notes




  • When submitting a Support Request from within FYI, this now includes the Record Video button which allows users to record and add a Loom video to the request that is sent to the FYI Support team.
    Refer to Recording a Loom Video to include in the Support Request in Sending a Support Request.

  • If all or part of the overnight sync from Xero Practice Manager fails, this is recorded in the Practice - Activity. Refer to Practice Activity. This includes a message to request a manual sync and, if applicable to reconnect Xero Practice Manager. Refer also to Synchronising Clients, Staff, Jobs, Time, Tax Returns with Xero Practice Manager.

    A failure could occur if:
    • Xero Practice Manager was down overnight.
    • The authorization token for your practice has expired and you need to reconnect to Xero Practice Manager.
    • The rate limit that is set by Xero Practice Manager has been reached for your practice.

  • For sites integrated with BGL, there is a new option Package Only in the BGL App. This is a Beta release and this is set as "Off" by default.
    • When Package Only is enabled, only signed documents are imported. The signed documents are imported as a package.
    • When Package Only is not enabled, all documents are imported including any drafts of the documents prior to signing.
    • Refer to Connecting your BGL account to FYI.

  • In the Migration Audit Report, where the data in the historical system include reference numbers, these are now included in the Reference Number column in the Migration Audit Report. Refer to Implementors: Migration Audit Report.


  • In Documents lists, when search text has been entered, the view can now be saved successfully.




  • When filing an email from Outlook and then sending it, the email in FYI no longer displays with a grey “Draft” icon.
  • In Clients Bulk Update this now shows the correct count when updating using Select All.
  • In Automation Process Create Step, this now initially shows Cabinet as "No Cabinet Selected".
  • In the Client - Documents tab, Account has been removed as a Column and Filter.
  • An image file can be added directly to a Knowledge cabinet using drag and drop.
  • Improvement to the time taken to load documents in the Client - Documents tab.
  • The Cabinet Explorer has been removed from the Home - My Edits tab.
  • In the Client workspace, when a specific Job is selected, changing the Client in the drop-down now removes the selection for Job.
  • In the Jobs Board and Tasks Board, when the Job or Task drawer is open, moving away from the Jobs or Tasks Board now closes the drawer.
  • In Client - Documents, a filter can now be applied to the the Source column.



  • Tasks lists now display with the New Lists layout. This gives new and enhanced functionality. This includes the Tasks lists that display in the Client and Job workspace and in the Home tabs. This applies to the Tasks List and also, when displaying the Client - Tasks, Job - Tasks and from the Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks.

    • The Filter Drawer on the left-hand side is replaced by the Columns and Tabs.

    • From the Home - My Tasks and Home - Delegated Tasks, the grouping has been replaced and you can now search, add columns and apply filters to the Tasks in the same way as other lists. You can also display the Tasks in the Tasks Board. You can set the Status to "Completed". Any other changes are made by opening the drawer for the Task.

    • For information on how the Tasks Lists are used, refer to the articles in the following section Using the Tasks Lists.

  • Addition of the Tasks Board. This is a 'kanban' style board as an alternate interface to the Tasks List for easy maintenance and visibility of where the bottlenecks are across your practice.
    Refer to Using the Tasks Board

    Note: The Tasks Board is only available for practices on the Pro plan.


  • In Documents lists and Tasks lists, the column that displays the icons is now displayed when a Document or Task is selected and the drawer displays. The icon column displays to the left of the drawer.


  • When one or more Documents are selected in the Documents lists, the tools in the Action Tool Bar are now shown with the description of the action, not just the icon.
  • For practices integrated with GreatSoft, the Client's Physical Address from GreatSoft is now showing in FYI.
  • Updating the Job dates (in Job - Summary, Jobs Bulk Update, or in an Automation Process with Create Job or Update Job) now shows the exact date in the Job - Activity.
  • Corrections to how the Refresh icon displays in the Client field in the drawer.



  • In Documents lists, on the left-hand side of the lists, as well as the Columns and Filters tabs the Cabinet Explorer tab has been included. As well as selecting the Cabinet and Categories in the Filters, the Cabinet Explorer can be used select a Cabinet.

    When a Cabinet has been selected, this displays the Categories and the Category options that are relevant for the selected Cabinet.

    The Cabinet Explorer is available in the Documents list and also in other lists that display documents, such as the tabs in the Client and Job workspaces (Client - Documents, Client - Collaborate, Job - Documents) in your Home tabs (My Starred, My Approvals) and in the Stapled Documents list and the Thread list. Refer to Using the Cabinet Explorer.

  • Clicking the down arrow next to the Automation menu option from any list or workspace now also gives quick access one of the last 5 Processes you have opened. Refer to Quick Access to Views, Clients, Documents, Jobs, Tasks and Automation.

  • When the Preview pane is open for an Email or Document, you can now add and display Comments while leaving the Preview pane open. You can also add a Task from the document drawer while leaving the Preview pane open.
    Refer to Adding and Displaying Comments when the Preview Pane is Open and Adding a Task when the Preview Pane is Open in Previewing a Document and Previewing an Email.


  • When filing Emails where the address is shared by multiple clients, the list of clients that are displayed now excludes archived clients.
  • In Templates, Standard users can no longer see templates with a Status of Draft or Archived when switching views.
  • In the Documents tab for a client or client group, the documents can now be filtered by Job.
  • In Practice Settings - Admin - User Groups, filtering with "Contains" on the Name column now returns the correct results.
  • In Practice Settings - Admin - Settings, changing the Default Email Signature is now re-displayed correctly after displaying a different Practice Settings - Admin tab.
  • When searching for a Year in the Client - Tax tab, this now returns the exact Year match.
  • Importing an Automation Process with an Update Job step, now shows the correct value for State.
  • Where a Category that was previously linked to an Automation Process, but then un-linked in the Process, the Category can now be deleted.
  • In the Documents lists, making a change to the Cabinet from the drawer is now automatically refreshed in the list.

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