Searching for Documents

There are various ways to search in lists.

Selecting a View

At the top of the Documents list is a drop-down which shows the Views that can be selected for that list.

Where there are more than 10 Views for the list, the View selector displays with a scroll bar.


You can use the Search at the top of the View selector to find a View. Enter one or more characters to find the View(s) that contain what you have entered anywhere in the View name. Click the X in the Search to clear the search text.


Depending on how this has been set for your own practice, the view you select in a particular list will be the default for the rest of the session and also when you logout and login again. This means that when a view has been selected, when you display another list and then return to that list, or logout and login again, the same view will be initially selected in the drop-down. Refer to Sticky Views.

You can also create custom Views. Refer to Saving Changes to a View in Using the Documents Lists and Saving Changes to the View Layout, Modifying and Deleting Views.

A View must have been set to Available For - Lists to be displayed in the View Selector. Refer to Managing Views

Searching in Lists using Filters

  • You can use the Filters to perform searches such as for the Document name. Refer to Using Search in the Filters in Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists.
  • To search on a column, such as Name, you can filter the column. For a text column, this allows you to search on a match that "Contains" your search text. Refer to Filtering on Text in Sorting and Filtering Documents Lists.

Search in Documents List using the Search Field

You can use the Search Documents field at the top of the Documents lists to search for Documents.

  1. Enter the search criteria in the Search Documents field.
  2. Press the Enter key.


In the Documents list, this will find text in the Document Name, Reference Number of a document and in Keywords. It also searches in these columns if they are not currently displayed.

Adding search criteria in the Search field also automatically adds this as the Filter with "Contains" for the Name column.

Adding a filter for the Name column also automatically adds this as the search criteria in the Search field. When applying a Filter to the Name column the Documents lists, the Filter is always added with the qualifier of "Contains".

  • The search text is not case-sensitive.
  • If you type part of a word, this can be at the start of the word. For example, searching for the text "tax" will find Documents with "tax", "taxation", or "taxed" in the name.
  • You can search for multiple words. For example, you can search for "engagement letter".
  • When searching for multiple words they must be complete words, for example, if you search for "tax return" you will find occurrences of "tax return letter", "outstanding tax return", and "financial statements & tax return".
  • Search will find instances that are plurals. For example, searching for "statement" will also find "statements"
  • Search will find singulars. For example, searching for "reminders" will find "reminder".

Clearing the Search Text

To clear the search, click the X next to the search criteria, or delete the search criteria and press the Enter key.

Search within Emails, Phone Calls, File Notes and Meetings Content

In Documents lists, you can use the Content Search button to perform a text search within the content of emails, phone calls, file notes and meetings. Refer to Search within Email, Phone Call, File Note and Meeting Content.

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